How To Organize Your Shoes

How to store the shoes become popular problems among us. The shoes is come in awkward shapes and easily occupy a lot of space in every closet especially the thigh-high boots. Then, you may find useful tips by reading the strategies as mention below how to control your footwear.

First, sort your shoes by frequency of use. If you have a lot of shoes and don’t know how to start organize it, then start sort them by how frequent you wear each pair. Segregate the pairs you wear almost everyday, every week, every other week and special occasions, then make a category on these shoes. Now, analysis your routine and store each category of shoes accordingly. As example, daily-use shoes keep in the near door closet, bedroom closet space use for weekly-use shoes and store your special occasion shoes on the top of your closet.

Secondly, you may consider maximize your closet space. Do your shoes collection growing but your closet space looks like to be shrinking. Then, we need little creative to optimize your closet space. For example, try using your closet’s crown molding as a makeshift ledge for hang your shoes if you have stepladder. Staggering tension rods in your closet and setting your shoes along the rods and over-the-door shoe organizers can half dozens of pairs of shoes.

Thirdly, turn your furniture do double duty. You may looks for your furniture to store your shoes that your guests won’t be know unless your shoes smelly bad. Opt for under the bed chests and organizer that fit with roller. You can occupy some of dresser furniture and insert your shoes inside. The outlook looks like dresser cabinet but actually a pullout box of shoes. Another idea that may concern is go for ottomans and benches. Ottomans and benches acts as living room furniture but inside there got space for few pairs of shoes.

Fourthly, the kid’s shoes is very pretty and cute and full of color. You will find anywhere in your home if you not manage to assign the storage area correctly. Kid will leave their shoes around home area such as living room, bedroom, way to your bathroom or anywhere is reachable. So, the best way and simplest way to organize it is label the storage bin for them. Therefore, kids realize their designated spot to quickly toss their shoes rather than leaving them around your house.

Finally, the housekeeping of your shoes is most important to control the keep growing of your collection. Possibility, there will be few pairs of shoes is not under your favorite list and you may give them away for those is need it or sell it through online. Pack the old shoes and keep it in storage area and throw it.

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